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About GirlsFever

GirlsFever is based in France. You can order 24/7 and we will respond within 24 hours during working days only, i.e. except weekends and public holidays.

All prices are exempted of taxes since VAT is not applicable according to article 293B of CGI (French general tax code).

We are a customized handmade labels and buttons shop from France, using natural and mix materials with unique designs. 

You dream of selling - or giving - your precious handmade products with style?

We are the right team to help you visualize and personalize your work. With the finishing touch of a beautifully and carefully crafted label (s) and / or button (s), your product looks complete, differentiated and unique!

About Yuki (Creator & Founder)

Yuki is a child of two cultures: Grown up in the Netherlands, where her father owned Chinese restaurants, she moved at the age of seven back to Hong Kong. Because her father wanted a Chinese education for his children, Yuki, her mother and her two siblings, went back to live in her father's birthplace.

On her fourteenth birthday, Yuki returned to the Netherlands where she finished her high school studies and graduated from the Art Academy Rietveld, Amsterdam.

This transition did not go smoothly: her parents wanted her to become a doctor, a lawyer or a restaurant owner instead. "I did not tell them the truth about my art studies, since, to them, this would lead to an uncertain future". In order to win their consent, she promised her parents that, once she's received her diploma, she will start her own business.

Eventually, she finished the Art Academy. After enjoying a career as an Art photographer, she came back to Hong Kong were she lived with her French husband and their young daughter until 2019. In 2005, Yuki launched her online shop "GirlsFever", the fever to give! This online boutique has grown into a successful business since, serving thousands of customers worldwide: now her parents can be proud of her achievements!

We have made the big move back to Europe in November 2019, after staying more than 15 years in Asia. Our new life has started serving customers from France, the EU and the rest of the World.

April 2020